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About Us

A Ceremony to Remember

I love how ceremonies are changing and people are realising that getting married isn't just 'a piece of paper' or about the professional photos. It's about that precious moment in time where you are surrounded by the special people in your life and you get to commit to the person you truly love.  Whether you want to do this in your backyard with ALL the family, on the beach, or run away to somewhere picturesque and elope with beautiful intimacy, I would LOVE to help! Let's make this happen! Your wedding day is about you, and what you want and I would feel honored to be a part of that.  I will ensure your ceremony exceeds your expectations.  

I Love to Get Involved

I strongly believe in working with you to help create a beautiful ceremony that is individually tailored to each couples values and love story.
I want to be actively involved in getting to know you as a couple from the beginning. If that means coffee dates or a cheeky wine, I’m up for it. I prioritise getting to know you as individuals before writing your ceremony so it comes together as a true representation of you as a couple.
Your wedding day should be a roller coaster of amazing emotions that all takes off from a ceremony I feel privileged to be a part of.